Free writing critique service launching this September! 3

Want a free manuscript critique worth a market value of approximately $100? Here’s how it works!

online writing tips logoAt OnlineWritingTips, we’re following the writers’ workshop model that was developed at the University of Iowa in the 1930s, and which is used at universities and writers’ groups around the world. We’ll post an extract of your work publicly and encourage responses from our users (we’ll block anything that isn’t constructive). Then, at the end of the week, you’ll receive feedback from an experienced writing teacher and published novelist. Your work can appear anonymously, or with your name, writer’s bio, and links to your social media. And it’s all completely free!

If you’re interested, you can find out more here. We look forward to reading your work!


  1. Hi there, My name is Len Gill and I’m a 68 year retired male. Being now retired and having a little spare time on my hands, I thought I would have a go at writing a short story (very short) to begin with.
    All I want is for someone with the expertise to analysis and critique my work. Just to see if It’s worth pursuing. I have no GCSE’s or ‘A’ level in English literature, just what I believe is a vivid imagination. I believe my biggest fear/problem is punctuation. I do not fear criticism has I have nothing to lose all I want an honest opinion on my work.

    Can you, or do you know of any literary organisation who can help?

    Regards Mr Len Gill


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