Featured Market: Litro Online Reply

This week’s featured market is Litro Online

Here’s a bit about them:

We began as a free print pamphlet featuring just one short story, then a pocket-sized monthly magazine—still free—with a handful of short stories and the occasional spot of non-fiction and poetry, published according to theme, for the reading pleasure of London commuters.

We’ve been publishing literary features online since 2008, but since May this year we have been developing further as a full-fledged online platform for non-themed fiction and literary non-fiction, as well a place for readers, writers and the broader creative community to discuss various aspects of literature, arts and culture through features, reviews, columns and interviews.

The Litro print magazine only publishes themed stories, but the Litro website is open to submissions of short fiction that is not theme-specific, published every Sunday with the Twitter hashtag #StorySunday.

The word limit is 4,000 words, and you can submit your work using Submittable here.

Litro is a popular, stylish outlet that could get your work to thousands of readers across its many platforms. It is a contemporary UK outfit that is modern and refreshing. Check out what they publish, and get submitting!

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