Featured Market: Nowhere Magazine Drunken Writing Competition Reply

Something a little different this week: Nowhere Magazine’s Drunken Writing Competition.

When I saw this competition listed it made me laugh, so I figured I’d share it. We wouldn’t advise that you do all your writing drunk, (in fact, we’d highly recommend you don’t) but this competition is a bit of fun and you get a beautiful hip flask just for submitting. That said, you do have to pay $55 to enter, which works out at about £35.

Here’s their competition guidelines:

Some of our favorite writers wrote drunk. Some wrote sober and got drunk after. Some got drunk, then sobered up, then wrote, then got drunk again. Either way, booze has long been the writer’s muse. That’s why we asked BankNote to make us the Nowhere Writer’s Flask. There’s a pocket for a notebook and a pen (included). It’s bound in Italian leather and made in NYC by John Torossian: the best damn leatherworker this side of the Prime Meridian. See it here: http://www.banknote.nyc/nowhere-collection

The only requirements for the Drunken Writing Contest are that you get drunk and write, preferably about travel. Or as we like say, the intersection of people, place and time. Every entrant gets a flask. The winner gets a bottle of whiskey. Fill her up and have at it.

If drunk writing’s not your thing, Nowhere are also running a travel writing competition with a $1,000 prize. They accept fiction or non-fiction. You can see their full guidelines right here.

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