Featured Market: WORK Reply

This week’s featured market is WORK magazine. Their aim is ‘to publish the best writing, thought and information about work, or lack thereof, while providing a forum for readership to connect and respond.’


WORK is dedicated to celebrating the daily grind: white collar, blue collar, pink collar, sex work, food service, freelancing and more.

WORK has an intentionally bland format, so that it can be enjoyed while you’re still on the clock. Does your boss like to peek over your shoulder? Never mind that. WORK‘s professional-looking, easy-to-hide styling will lend your work space a productive glow. WORK is subversive, so you can be subversive at work.

Clever, right? We like the idea of sneakily reading short stories while you’re at work, anyway. So if you’re inspired by the great Denis Johnson’s story, ‘Work’, why don’t you write your own take on working life and submit it to these guys?

WORK are currently open to submissions of previously unpublished:

short fiction and nonfiction
flash fiction (750 words or less)

Aside from that, their guidelines are left open. Having read the magazine, we wouldn’t advise submitting a story longer than 8,000 words, though. Most of the work seems to come in at around the 2,500 word mark, if you’d like a guideline.

Let us know what you think

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