Featured Market: Split Lip Magazine Reply

This week’s featured market is  Split Lip magazine.

Split Lip is an online journal driven to help literature mingle with pop culture and to allow art to serve as an alternative means to mainstream journalism, which is filtered and reveals only surface-level truth. Split Lip is a punk rock publishing collective, and we are unfiltered, unrefined, extra virgin––shake well before drinking. Split lip believe art serves a higher purpose than to depict beauty or provoke an emotion; it can inform, instruct, challenge and even heal if one allows it to.

An Online Literary Journal for Stories, Poems, Music & Art

Split Lip want your best piece of unpublished literary, mainstream or experimental writing. Please send works containing 500 – 3500 words. Longer pieces may be considered, but less is more with Split Lip. Profanity, sex and such are permitted but we will not publish anything tickling the boundaries of pornography. As much as we like sci-fi, romance, mystery and adventure, please, no genre fiction. Again, send your best. We only publish three or four pieces of fiction per issue. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please contact us if the piece is picked up elsewhere.

Fiction Editor Jon Chaiim McConnell says he wants “something unusual. If it’s the language, the structure, the characters, the premise — any or all of them, to whatever degree, I just want to be taken somewhere that I’ve never been before and then convinced that it’s wonderful.”  

You can see Split Lip’s full submission guidelines page here. Use your Christmas break to get your writing in to magazines like these! Good luck and we look forward to seeing your work appear in these publications soon 🙂

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