Featured Market: The Short Story Reply

This week, we take a look at The Short Story.

The Short Story is an independent platform passionate about one thing: short stories. With short story & flash competitions, reviews, interviews, articles, archives,  subscriptions, awards, and more, they’re one of the world’s fastest growing sites dedicated to short fiction.

The Short Story is now hosting its short story competition every quarter.

Next Deadline: Midnight 30th April 2016

Prizes: 1st £500 & online publication, 2nd £100, 3rd £50

Fee: £7 (£12 with feedback) 

The maximum word count is 2000, including your title, but there’s no limit to how many stories you submit – so long as you are willing to pay multiple fees! This is a highly prestigious prize in the UK market, and it is well worth submitting your best polished stories. You’ve got until the end of April, so there’s no rush to submit anything if it’s not ready just yet. You can see the full guidelines here.

However, if you do have your hands on a story that is ready to be let out into the brave new world of online literature, why not submit to our very own short fiction prize, which closes its doors to entries in two short weeks?!

Get writing, crafting, polishing. Get submitting, and we hope to see some winning entries coming from you!



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