Longlist announced for the 2016 OWT Short Fiction Prize 4

After numerous arguments, fallings out, and snide comments about each other’s judgement, we have a longlist! First, let me say a massive thank you to everyone who entered: it’s been a delight reading such a diverse range of writing from all over the world, and it’s been really hard to select just 30 pieces to go forward to the next stage of judging. There were several stories we agonised over and inevitably some of our choices came down to subjective factors: there are stories we couldn’t fit onto the longlist that I’m sure will find success in other markets. There were also some very strong pieces that we decided we had to exclude in the interest of fairness since they didn’t meet the stipulated 2000-5000 word limit.

However, for all the stories we’re sorry to lose at this stage, the thirty we have left form a mouth-watering selection. The list features experienced, many-times published and prize-winning authors, but also includes many exciting new voices. We have horror stories and ghost stories, magic-realism and slices of domestic life. The next round of judging won’t get any easier!

Congratulations to the following authors who have been longlisted for the 2016 Online Writing Tips Short Fiction Prize:

Stuart Aken
Senja Andrejevic-Bullock
Gary Beck
Michael Broode
Darlene Campos
Jean Lowe Carlson
R.J. Champion
Peter Chawaga
Patsy Collins
Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto
Fabiyas M V
Monique Finley
Arianna Fryer
Soorya Gayathri
Luke Harris
Brandon Hartman
Christine Hillingdon
Dee Jordan
Michelle Kilmer
Sunil Kumar
Gargi Mehra
Tyler Powell
Jim Pownall
Christina Ruth-Walker
Julia Thomson
Sharon Tshipa
Ada Uchegbu
Recle E Vibal
Eric Witchey
Lena Zaghmouri

The shortlist will be announced on Monday 22nd February.



  1. My name is on the shortlist of OWT writing competition. And you might have misspelled my name. It’s Soorya Gayathri and not Soorya Gagathri. You used a ‘g’ instead of ‘y’ in Gayathri. Hope that you will change it. Thanks.


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