Featured Market: Influx Press Reply

This week we’re looking at a great opportunity for those of you that have finished a novel, but not yet found a publisher. Influx Press is an independent press publishing stories from the margins of culture, specific geographical spaces and sites of resistance that remain underexplored in mainstream literature.

Influx Press

So here’s how Influx detail their latest opportunity:

In 2017 Influx Press would like to publish two novels. We wish to receive completed manuscripts or proposals. We welcome work from emerging writers and established authors alike.

We want work that investigates and interrogates culture and life under-represented in mainstream literary output – like all of our previous, non-novel publications.

We want exciting, original stories of characters and places that make us see things in a new light, see things from a different perspective, encourage us to think in other ways.

If you would like to send a proposal please email Kit on kit@influxpress.com. You must already have some work published so we can assess your writing as well as your ideas.

If you would like to send a manuscript submission please send a synopsis and the first 30 pages of your book to submissions@influxpress.com, marked ‘Novel Submission’.

We welcome submissions through agents and writers without agents.


The submission deadline is 1st March 2016, so you have little over a week to get those manuscripts polished and sent in to these guys. We wish you the best of luck – now get submitting!

Let us know what you think

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