Announcing the 2018 OWT Short Fiction Prize longlist Reply

Spare a thought for the dutiful team at Online Writing Tips who’ve been bingeing coffee in a bid to meet their midnight deadline to publish this year’s longlist. With more than 600 entries to debate, selecting our favourite 10% has been fraught and exhausting. But we’ve made it, just.

We’ve picked a longlist of 70, which is actually more like 11%. We could have picked any of several hundred high-quality stories, so commiserations to those who didn’t make the cut this time. These decisions are subjective, and luck plays a big part too; it always seems to me that if the previous story made the list then the next story up for consideration is at a disadvantage. You need a lot of skill to be placed in a writing comp, but you need a bit of luck too. In that way, I guess writing comps are more like poker than chess.

Anyway, congratulations to the following authors, listed in alphabetical order by surname. Next up, we’ll be narrowing this esteemed field down to a shortlist of 12, which we’ll publish on Monday 9th July.

  1. Lital Abazon
  2. Colleen Anderson
  3. Paul Attmere
  4. Victor Azubike
  5. Jeff Bakkensen
  6. Gary Baney
  7. Margery Bayne
  8. L. Shapley Bassen
  9. Gary Beck
  10. Kruti Brahmbhatt
  11. Emmie Bristow
  12. Simon Broder
  13. Ann M. Casey
  14. Pax Chmara
  15. Michael J. Coene
  16. Krishan Coupland
  17. Samuel Cronin
  18. John Paul Davies
  19. Elizabeth Edwards
  20. Sleiman El Hajj
  21. Daniela Gamus
  22. Clive Aaron Gill
  23. Joe Giordano
  24. Philip Goode
  25. Evan Guilford-Blake
  26. Atreyee Gupta
  27. Abigail Harris
  28. Devan Hawkins
  29. Bari Lynn Hein
  30. L.N. Hunter
  31. Amarachi Iheanyichukwu
  32. Eli Ingle
  33. Zeke Jarvis
  34. Masha Kamenetskaya
  35. Jen Knox
  36. Monique Lennon
  37. Maya Levine
  38. Nathan Long
  39. Priyam Marik
  40. Ira Mathur
  41. Courtney McDermott
  42. Caroline McEvoy
  43. Harry Menear
  44. Douglas W. Milliken
  45. Simeen Mirza
  46. Dennis Mombauer
  47. Jennifer Moore
  48. Hillard Morley
  49. Pat Muir
  50. Hannah-Marie Nelson
  51. Amy Z. Pachuau
  52. Edward Palumbo
  53. Dian Parker
  54. Martin Pedersen
  55. Samantha Pilecki
  56. Moon Riser
  57. Gordon Robertson
  58. Jay Seate
  59. Shree
  60. Ailish Sinclair
  61. Vaughan Stanger
  62. Yong Takahashi
  63. Sylvia Telfer
  64. Elle Turpitt
  65. Alexander Xavier Urpí
  66. Rekha Valliappan
  67. Robert Wells
  68. Hannah Whiteoak
  69. Grace Wynter
  70. Jennifer Zajac

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