And then there were 12: Short list announced for 2019 OWT Short Fiction Prize 2

We started with almost 600 stories, and choosing a long list of just 60 wasn’t easy. Now,  regrettably, we have to lose all but 12 of the long-listed stories. There were so many great stories we wanted to keep in the competition! Back in 2016, when we first offered our prize, we wrote about the difficulties involved in judging a competition such as this one, and now, with the competition in its 4th year, the process hasn’t got any easier. Different judges, following a different process, would no doubt have selected a different shortlist. So we wish all the long-listed authors success with placing their stories elsewhere – the quality this year was exceptional. Meanwhile, we’re thrilled to announce that our winners will be selected from the following shortlist:

Jeff Bakkensen
Laura J. Campbell
Elizabeth Edelglass
Beatrice Hughes
Mina Ivosev
Jennifer Moore
Emma Pickering
Jay Seate
Alexander Xavier Urpí
Hannah Whiteoak
Megan Wildhood
Lorna Wood

We have 12 fantastically good stories left in the competition. Sadly, only three can win prizes, and Senja Andrejevic-bullock, Phil Bowne, and D.D. Johnston are tasked with finding our winners over the next fortnight. These will be announced on Monday 29th July.


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