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Online Writing Tips is a free resource giving invaluable advice and support to authors who are serious about improving their writing. If you have a long-term ambition to improve your prose – from learning or revising basics to perfecting your craft – then our articles, advice videos, and free writing critique service will help you on your journey. We also run the Online Writing Tips Short Fiction Prize.

The site is run by D.D. Johnston and Philip Bowne, with support from Lucy Tyler, and Tyler Keevil. You can learn more about our team here. We are based in Cheltenham, UK, and we use British English on our site, but many of our examples are drawn from North American literature.

We’ve developed our tips after years of working with writers of all standards – from beginners to experienced, published authors. Some of our material has been designed in conversation with students who have recently studied the new Creative Writing A-Level (2750), some has been inspired by working with undergraduate students, and some has grown from conversations with postgraduates who have studied for Creative Writing Master’s, PhD, and MFA qualifications. All our advice is designed to assist writers to reach their potential and publish prose of which they’re proud.

We’ll have something to help writers on every step of their journeys, from getting started to getting published. With tips for novelists, short story writers, and those studying Creative Writing at school or university, we’ll cover choosing material, structuring your narrative, improving your style, editing, and submitting to agents and publishers. We are currently focusing on prose fiction and creative non-fiction, and at present we’re not covering technical writing, poetry, playwriting, or screenwriting.

While we request that you don’t republish our content without asking us first, you are, of course, welcome to link to our resources, and all our videos are freely available for you to use for educational purposes – you are welcome to screen them as part of your Creative Writing class, your writers’ workshop, or your authors’ circle. If you have time, drop us a line and let us know what you’ve found useful. We can be contacted at onlinewritingtips@yahoo.com.

Happy writing!



  1. Are you still producing YouTube videos? Haven’t seen a new one get posted in a little while.


    The Guy from Tucson with the Busted Diving Board

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi David
      Thanks for the nudge! It has been too long for sure. Life has been busy and I’ve been writing lots, so I’ve neglected the videos a bit. It’s marking season for me just now, but as soon as I’ve made an impression on that, there are a few more videos I’m keen to record. Thanks again and go easy on that diving board!


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