Featured Market: Word Riot 3

Word Riot first opened up shop in March 2002 and has become one of the best known and most reputable online journals on the interwebs.

Word Riot Submission Manager

According to their submissions page, Word Riot like edgy, experimental writing. They also like publishing the best up-and-coming writers and poets.

In terms of short fiction, Word Riot only ask that submissions should be no less than 1000 words and no greater than 6500. They also request that you don’t explain/tell them about the piece in your cover letter.

Word Riot are also accepting novel extracts, creative non-fiction, poetry, interviews and essays as well as flash fiction. You can see their submissions manager here.



Featured Market: WORK Reply

This week’s featured market is WORK magazine. Their aim is ‘to publish the best writing, thought and information about work, or lack thereof, while providing a forum for readership to connect and respond.’


WORK is dedicated to celebrating the daily grind: white collar, blue collar, pink collar, sex work, food service, freelancing and more.

WORK has an intentionally bland format, so that it can be enjoyed while you’re still on the clock. Does your boss like to peek over your shoulder? More…

Featured Market: The Purple Breakfast Review Reply

The Student Wordsmith’s unique online journal, The Purple Breakfast Review presents an opportunity for aspiring writers, particularly students, graduates and young people, to showcase their incredible creative talents.
Themed around ‘Echoes’, submissions for its fourth issue (and the final of 2015) opened on Monday 5th October 2015. The closing date is 5pm on Friday 13th November 2015, so you still have over a week to submit. 

TPBR welcome submissions from illustrators and writers of all genres (prose, poetry, drama and non-fiction). Word limits are as follows:

Prose, Drama and Non-Fiction = 1,000 words

Poetry = Up to 600 words

Please note: each entrant is entitled to send up to three pieces of work for free. All written submissions are to be typed and emailed as a Word Document attachment. Any illustrations should be submitted in high-resolution (at least 1mb) and in Jpeg format.

Please email all submissions to pbr@thestudentwordsmith.com

Featured Market: Crack the Spine Reply

Crack the Spine publishes an online digital magazine weekly. Works published online are automatically eligible to be selected for later publication in our quarterly print anthologies.  If you’re interested in submitting to Crack the Spine, review their submission guidelines.

Crack the Spine are looking for ‘solid writing.  Chip-your-teeth-on-it writing.  Punched-in-the-throat writing. Don’t-care-if-it’s-funny-or-sad-or-sarcastic-so-long-as-it-makes-us-react writing. We publish what we like.  It’s as simple as that.’

They are seeking short stories of 1,000 words or more. Consider around 5,000 words as a general word-max guideline. They take Micro, flash and short fiction as well as poetry and creative non-fiction.

Get your work submitted to them!

Featured Market: Spartan Lit Reply

This week’s featured market is Spartan Lit, edited by Ross McMeekin and Miles Wray.

Spartan Lit is a print journal that focuses on lean writing. Their tagline is: ‘Minimalist prose. No strays.’ So if your writing is made up of verbose, flowery sentences and lyrical descriptions, they may not be the place to submit.

They release online issues quarterly and short-run print issues, compiled from online prose, annually.

Spartan have four submission windows each year. Any pieces submitted outside of the submission windows will be deleted unread. The submission windows are:

Fall: October through November
Winter: January through February
Spring: April through May

Summer: July through August

So you have 10 days left to get your writing in for this submission window. Don’t miss out!