“Rollaway” by Lorna Wood: read the story that won 3rd prize in the 2019 OWT Short Fiction Competition Reply

4557996255_57faa63051_oWhen I got to my hotel room I found I had the wrong rollaway suitcase. As I opened it, a light floral aroma transported me to my mother’s spring tea parties in Westport, with the lilacs trumpeting their triumph over winter while the lilies of the valley nodded more modestly around the borders of the newly cut lawn. Once, home from college, I had seen a young woman there, just turning towards the house as I came out with a tray of petits fours. My attention was caught by the amusement in her brown eyes at our shared plight, trapped amongst the ladies, and by her long dark hair—so different from their matronly coifs.

We never saw each other again. I had dishes to wash in the kitchen, she left early, and the aunt she was visiting moved away soon afterward. But in the dreams I have about her, I always smell spring flowers and fresh-cut grass. More…

“A Little Folding of the Hands” by Hillard Morley: read the story that won the 2018 OWT Short Fiction Prize 2

Hillard Morley

Hillard Morley

She had refused to move to Australia. It hadn’t been an easy decision, though she’d made it almost instantly. The question had surprised her, coming out of the blue; it had made her feel conventional, square, because she knew immediately that she needed to say no.

“I tried to consider it, tried not to answer out of lazy prejudice,” she told herself, but to be honest the energy exuding from Philip had frightened her. (A man on fire would have to result in burns, surely?)

As she walked, Ava thought about how he had rattled on and on about change, as though it were something to be desired, something to be sought after. She had made a tentative move, had asked, “When would we go?” and had been startled when he suggested the very next week.

“Just to look around, you know, to check it out,” he’d said. “Just to see…


On reading: the one thing all writers do 1

‘Beginning writers,’ says Tom Bailey, ‘must read (note that I mean must, a word I have studiously avoided throughout this book – reading is the one thing all writers do!).’ But what should you read? This video introduces some reading suggestions for writers. Below the video you’ll find a link to a big list of some of anglophonic fiction’s big names.

Suggested reading list
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