“Rollaway” by Lorna Wood: read the story that won 3rd prize in the 2019 OWT Short Fiction Competition Reply

4557996255_57faa63051_oWhen I got to my hotel room I found I had the wrong rollaway suitcase. As I opened it, a light floral aroma transported me to my mother’s spring tea parties in Westport, with the lilacs trumpeting their triumph over winter while the lilies of the valley nodded more modestly around the borders of the newly cut lawn. Once, home from college, I had seen a young woman there, just turning towards the house as I came out with a tray of petits fours. My attention was caught by the amusement in her brown eyes at our shared plight, trapped amongst the ladies, and by her long dark hair—so different from their matronly coifs.

We never saw each other again. I had dishes to wash in the kitchen, she left early, and the aunt she was visiting moved away soon afterward. But in the dreams I have about her, I always smell spring flowers and fresh-cut grass. More…

Piece of My Heart by Hannah Whiteoak: Read the story that won the 2019 OWT Short Fiction Competition Reply

Heart by Lerkoz

Valentine’s Day was always busy at Piece of My Heart. The couple waited in the doorway for over a minute before I had a chance to dash over and greet them. The woman was staring up at the chandelier, wide-eyed, when I approached. The man returned my smile.

“Do you have a booking?” I asked.

“Jackson,” the man replied. “I called last week.”

They were an odd couple. She was so thin she looked like she might break in half. Her big blue eyes darted as if looking for danger. He stared at the ground as I led them to their table, watching his footing on the thick carpet. I slowed down to accommodate his limp.

I reached for the woman’s coat, but she recoiled. As Jackson helped her out of it, I noted the three stumps on his left hand. He handed me the fur, thanking me as I stepped forward to take it. I draped it over my weaker left arm, which immediately started to ache.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 OWT Short Fiction Competition 1

Today, we’re pleased to announce that four people will receive prizes, but sorry that almost 600 others have been disappointed along the way. We’ve ried to make our decisions as fairly and diligently as possible, but disappointing news isn’t nice to receive or deliver. We take comfort in knowing that with so many brilliant entries, the authors who didn’t get the breaks in our competition this year will no doubt have success placing their stories in other markets.

But, now, here’s the happy bit… this year’s judges – Senja Andrejevic-Bullock, Phil Bowne, and D.D. Johnston – have made their decisions.

It’s worth explaining the way we do the final round of judging: each judge independently ranks the anonymised short-listed entries from one to twelve, with one being their favourite; then we add the scores together and the lowest total wins. This means there’s a possibility of a tie, and for the first time this has happened: we had a tie for third place, and so we’ve decided to split that prize.

So, on this occasion, our four winners are:

Joint 3rd place (£12.50 each): Beatrice Hughes and Lorna Wood

2nd place (£50): Mina Ivosev

1st place (£100): Hannah Whiteoak

Congratulations to all of the above; they will receive their prize money this week. In a close contest, Hannah Whiteoak clinched first place with her short story “Piece of My Heart,” a daring speculative piece that finds an original way to speak about love and relationships. It made me think of Lacan’s famous formulation of love as “giving something you don’t have to someone who doesn’t want it” – you’ll have to read the story to see what I mean! It’s an exciting winner for the judges to have chosen because in previous years the winning stories have been broadly realist and have often relied for their excellence on technical accomplishment more than concept. “Piece of My Heart” is a real humdinger and we’re thrilled to be publishing it on this site in the coming days.

Thank you again to everyone who entered – judging hasn’t been easy, but it has been a treat.


And then there were 12: Short list announced for 2019 OWT Short Fiction Prize 2

We started with almost 600 stories, and choosing a long list of just 60 wasn’t easy. Now,  regrettably, we have to lose all but 12 of the long-listed stories. There were so many great stories we wanted to keep in the competition! Back in 2016, when we first offered our prize, we wrote about the difficulties involved in judging a competition such as this one, and now, with the competition in its 4th year, the process hasn’t got any easier. Different judges, following a different process, would no doubt have selected a different shortlist. So we wish all the long-listed authors success with placing their stories elsewhere – the quality this year was exceptional. Meanwhile, we’re thrilled to announce that our winners will be selected from the following shortlist:

Jeff Bakkensen
Laura J. Campbell
Elizabeth Edelglass
Beatrice Hughes
Mina Ivosev
Jennifer Moore
Emma Pickering
Jay Seate
Alexander Xavier Urpí
Hannah Whiteoak
Megan Wildhood
Lorna Wood

We have 12 fantastically good stories left in the competition. Sadly, only three can win prizes, and Senja Andrejevic-bullock, Phil Bowne, and D.D. Johnston are tasked with finding our winners over the next fortnight. These will be announced on Monday 29th July.

Announcing the 2019 OWT Short Fiction Prize long list Reply

With almost 600 entries to consider, selecting our favourite 10% was never going to be easy. But the decisions this year have been especially difficult, as the standard of entries is the best we’ve ever seen. We’re thrilled to have attracted such a range of excellent fiction, sent to us from six continents. As always, we’re delighted that our long list features a mix of multi-published, award-winning authors and exciting new voices.

senja-profile (2)     Phil Bowne      dd johnston waterstones


Our judges this year are Senja Andrejevic-Bullock, Phil Bowne, and D.D. Johnston. Senja is a playwright, lecturer in dramatic writing, and also a widely published author of short fiction. Phil is a television and fiction writer for The Wombles – a forthcoming children’s TV show and book series – whose first novel Cows Can’t Jump was recently awarded the Spotlight First Novel Prize. He’s represented by the SP Agency and his short fiction has been published in the UK, US and Canada.  D.D. Johnston is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershrie and the author of three novels.

We’ve picked a longlist of 60, but we could have picked any of several hundred high-quality stories, so commiserations to those who didn’t make the cut this time. These decisions are subjective, and luck plays a big part too; it always seems to me that if the previous story made the list then the next story up for consideration is at a disadvantage. You need a lot of skill to be placed in a writing comp, but you need a bit of luck too. In that way, I guess writing comps are more like poker than chess.

Anyway, congratulations to the following authors, listed in alphabetical order by surname. Next up, we’ll be narrowing this esteemed field down to a shortlist of 12, which we’ll publish on this website on Monday 15th July.

Penelope Aaron
Matthew Alberswerth
Eunice M. Amero
Nana Adwoa Amponsah-Mensah
Colleen Anderson
L.Shapley Bassen
Stanley Bloom
Kim Botly
Gina Burgess
Jeff Bakkensen
Laura J. Campbell
Elinor Clark
Paul B. Cohen
Bryan Costales
Elizabeth Edelglass
Elizabeth Edwards
Jann Everard
Maria Garcia
Joe Giordano
Isobel Granby
Atar J Hadari
Andrew Hanson
Mohammed Hidhayat
Beatrice Hughes
Mina Ivosev
D.M. Kerr
Yancy Lael
Monique Lennon
Scott Levy
Vivian Li
Gargi Mehra
Jennifer Moore
Hillard Morley
Samantha Louise Nepomuceno
Carolin Neupert
Frances Ogamba
Godsent Okere
Daniel Paton
Darya Protopopova
Emma Pickering
Celine Piser
Amanda Poythress
Jeffrey G. Roberts
Joshua Sastre
R. A. Savary
Jay Seate
Elena Sichrovsky
C.L. Spillard
Nick Sweeney
Indrani Talukdar
Mike Todd
Matias Travieso-Diaz
Alexander Xavier Urpí
Lili Vaskó
Christine Venzon
Yuliia Vereta
Hannah Whiteoak
Megan Wildhood
Janine Mick Wills
Lorna Wood
Noemi Yanko